Vehicle Tracking

With the ultimate combination of hardware and software we will provide you with your own bespoke fully branded tracking solution.

vehicle tracking

Vehicle Tracking

We provide you with a future proof, device agnostic vehicle and asset tracking solution which allows us to utilise hundreds of different devices from the world’s leading manufacturers on one platform. These include cigar lighter devices, hardwired devices, OBD devices and CANBus compatible devices along with cameras that record events and upload them to the platform within seconds.

As new technologies emerge, they are integrated onto the platform guaranteeing that you have the latest devices available without having to switch software providers ever again. We can even reconfigure existing devices to report into the platform if you own them and they’re one of the integrated devices on our list – let us know the device details and if they’re not, we can always consider integrating them.

Our Platform

Included within our solutions are full hierarchy administration settings meaning your people can concentrate on managing those directly reporting into them. Global time zones, language translations, all possible measurement units and rebranding for you free of charge complete the solution for any organisation, large or small, in the UK or operating around the globe.

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Vehicle tracking and telematics solutions have revolutionised the fleet operations of companies that have embraced this technology. By implementing a staged approach to the use of current and emerging technology, we can actually have a positive impact on a fleet operation from the start. By managing how and when to tackle the issues highlighted from the data gathered, you get the best possible returns by using the time gained from making your fleet more efficient to target the next issues that have the highest priority.

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Our Benefits to You…

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Having full view of the entire fleet on a live map, managers can continually review how the fleet is performing against the tasks needing to be completed –  rearranging vehicle movements from the control centre to compensate for unexpected appointments, delays, accidents or breakdowns.

This also enables customers to be given more precise arrival and job completion times which in turn will increase customer satisfaction.


As well as being able to see where each vehicle is at any time on a map, geographical zones can be set up on the system so that if a vehicles exits a zone when it’s not due to be in use, an alert will be sent to a designated person advising them of this.


Obtaining meaningful feedback data on driver behaviour such as speeding, harsh acceleration and braking as well as daily distance and time travelled enables managers to create focus within the fleet on whether the cause is due to poor time management, driving habits, overstretching workloads or a combination of all of these.

This then allows accurate tailoring of training for those in the fleet that actually need it as well as looking at how workloads are always distributed fairly, which in turn then leads to reduced risk, fewer accidents and improved fuel consumption across the business.

Better planning of the tasks for the day ahead and leaving on time contribute to reduced stress levels for drivers and drivers not having to constantly strive to catch up, leads to better driver behaviour which in turn leads to reduced maintenance costs such as tyres and brakes. Everyone wins and many companies now recognise and reward their drivers for better driving.


Collecting driver data enables companies to show insurers their levels of safety and how they have reduced the risk leading to potential reduced premiums. In some cases, specialist fleet insurance companies now insist that a telematics and/or camera system is in place before the insurance cover can go live but you do generally receive preferred rates for this.


One of the most common things we hear when we meet a potential new client is that they haven’t the time to analyse data. Understandable when you consider that many who are tasked with managing a fleet have another full time role on top of this or they are a full time fleet manager with very few spare minutes in the day due to ongoing issues in their fleet!

To help, we have full suite of reports that can be run immediately or automated to arrive via email at a time and frequency to fit in with your busy schedule. Tailored dashboards can be created for clients from the analytics tool within MyFleet Live to really target specific issues.

As an additional option, you can always request for one of our consultants to spend time in your business to provide advanced telematics or risk management training or maybe as an interim fleet manager when needed. Whatever you need, we will be there to help to add real value ensuring that when you look back in three to six months, you can see real progress.


Live streaming cameras can be included in the solution and should a road traffic incident happen, this can be reviewed within seconds on the platform. In the event of an impact, the footage before, during and after the incident can be viewed helping to determine what best course of action should be taken there and then.

Another feature is that you can be alerted about and play back harsh driving events to give constructive feedback in a driver debrief which then allows for more targeted driver training.

In summary, all of the above leads to increased productivity and profitability with reduced operating costs as well as improved safety. Our clients across many diverse market sectors always achieve a great return on their investment but to make sure of this, we are always happy to prove the business case and device compatibility first.

We cover the whole of the UK from our offices in NottinghamDerby, Lincoln, Newark, Leicester and London with our nationwide network of installation engineers and partners.

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vehicle tracker
vehicle tracker
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