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Telematics - What is it?

Telematics Solutions use GPS technology to monitor where your valuable assets are in real time. Typically, this technology is installed in an asset at the point of manufacture or after-factory boxes can be fitted. Either way, data is collected and transmitted on asset use such as location, status and movement. When telematics devices are installed into vehicles, the technology also provides driver behaviour which includes speed, idling and harsh driving events.

With our MyFleet Live solution, you can see a huge range of different devices all reporting in to one platform, such as mileage capture dongles, traditional black boxes, plug in devices, self install devices, CANBus devices and fully integrated streaming cameras all in one place alongside trailer trackers, plant & machinery trackers and any other asset that is valuable to you.

As new technologies emerge, we will simply integrate them to the platform, guaranteeing you have the latest devices available without having to switch software providers over and over again.

Telematics solutions have been used more recently with first time driver’s insurance products and has seen a really positive impact on reducing the risk of incident in the first six to 12 months. This has typically meant that those who embrace the technology enjoy reduced premiums and safer journeys, and those who don’t embrace it are starting to see their premiums rise sharply.

By using this technology wisely, the overall risk of a fleet can be reduced significantly with the added benefit of:

• fewer incidents
• fewer claims
• lower insurance premiums
• reduced maintenance costs
• increased security
• less unauthorised vehicle use
• reduced fuel costs

vehicle tracking

Telematics solutions are also playing a major role in fleet operations by highlighting the greater risk profiles of some drivers over others. Telematics allows companies to address any staff driving issues with tailored training and also looks at where and when the operation is inadvertently creating pressure for drivers to feel the need to drive beyond what is safe.

We cover the whole of the UK from our offices in NottinghamDerby, Lincoln, Newark, Leicester and London with our nationwide network of installation engineers and partners.

vehicle tracker
vehicle tracker
vehicle tracker
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